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Activities / Geophysics and Astronomy

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Geophysics and Astronomy


The three principal activities are :

Seismology for the measurement and watch of seismic activity in Tunisia in order to :
    Warn against seismic risk and, if necessary, alert the authorities.
    Design maps of seismic faults and indicate their importance.
    Establish and update a seismic catalog of Tunisia.
    Conduct geophysical studies.
    Contribute to the development of anti-seismic engineering.
    Design a seismic-tectonic map.
    Study micro-zoning of the Greater Tunis District and other regions of the country.

The objectives of Astronomy are :
    Prepare computation data for the observation of lunar crescent.
    Observe lunar crescent across the country.
    Set lunar and solar eclipse dates.
    Draw up ephemeris.

Measurement of solar radiation to quantify its different kinds of solar radiation in Tunisia .

  Basic resources available :
      National seismology center.
    Regional solar radiation center.
    National seismologic network.
    National accelerograph network.
    National network of stations for solar radiation measurement.
    Seismologic data center.
    Radiation data center.

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