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Climatologic Database / Presentation

Banque climatologique


The climatologic database keeps a record of all meteorological observations obtained from NIM networks.
The amount of data gathered since 1950 continues to increase on a daily basis and represents the climate heritage of Tunisia.
26 principal stations measure 40 hourly parameters and 64 daily parameters.
70 secondary stations measure 16 daily parameters. An open system using the latest version of ORACLE SGBDR guarantees data security and allows the supply of quality climate products to the various sectors and users in the shortest possible time .

The database facilitates use by means of periodically structured applications namely :
    Acquisition of recent data and feeding the database tables
    Control of data quality
    Interactive management allowing visualization and updating
    Data computing by means of computer programs
    Storage and filing of all climate data
    Information provision, regular editing and dispatching of climate tables and statistics Preparation and worldwide distribution of CLIMAT messages
    Use of methods that combine climate data and socio-economic and physical data to meet the requirements of planners and decision makers.

Major data sets
HOBS Hourly data of basic stations
QP Daily data of basic stations
TSOL Ground temperature
PHENO Meteorological phenomena
PLUIE Rainfall data
MOBS Monthly data of basic stations
TCMS Daily data of minor stations
MTCMS Monthly data of minor stations
NORMALES climatologic normals
RECM Monthly records
PARAMETRE Meteorological parameters
STATION Stations dictionary
RESEAU Observation network operation

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