The NIM provides the users from the industrial sector (professionals and the public) with a variety of meteorological products and services, predefined or adjustable, depending on the needs of the client/ user.

We shall present all practical data on standard weather products for the energy sector and kindly ask you to express your specific needs.

Meteorological products

Weather bulletins for energy (regular)

This bulletin contains:

Forecasts valid for the daytime, the coming night and the following day

Quantitative forecasts for 13 weather stations about:

  • The lowest temperature expected for the following 24 hours (09:00 to 09:00).
  • The maximum temperature expected for the current day.
  • The maximum temperature for the following day.
  • The sky condition on the current day, expressed in octas.
Clear sky 0
Partly cloud sky 1 to 2
Cloud sky 3 to 4
Mostly cloudy sky 5 to 6
Cloud-covered sky 7 to 8
Invisible sky Ø

(The attributed value is a day average)

The maximum wind:

The expected highest speed and direction of the wind, for the next 24 hours (09:00 to 09:00). The wind force will be given in kilometres per hour.

Special weather bulletin (on request):

This bulletin relates to a particular meteorological service. Its content is established by common agreement with the customer.

Meteorological data (as required)