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Average maximum temperature (degrees) during July 2020
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 July 2020 was marked by a relatively high temperature compared to the reference norms* of the month. The average temperature at all approved main stations ** was 28.5°C and exceed… View
Seasonal Climatological Report Spring 2020 in Tunisia
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Spring 2020 was characterized by a significant increase in temperature compared to the previous year and the average temperature (18.7 °C) exceeded the reference seasonal average (… View
Monthly Climatological Bulletin May 2020 in Tunisia
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Monthly Climatological Bulletin
May 2020 in Tunisia

Annular eclipse of the Sun on Sunday 21 June, 2020
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An annular eclipse of the Sun occurs on Sunday 21 June, 2020 . A large annular eclipse will cover over 99% of the Sun, creating a dramatic spectacle for observers in a narrow path… View

Weather of the most consulted cities

  • Sfax
  • Mon. 28°C
  • Tues. 26/ 28°C
  • Wed. 25/ 27°C
  • Thur. 26/ 28°C
  • Kairouan
  • Mon. 30°C
  • Tues. 23/ 28°C
  • Wed. 21/ 32°C
  • Thur. 22/ 33°C
  • Bizerte
  • Mon. 26°C
  • Tues. 23/ 27°C
  • Wed. 23/ 27°C
  • Thur. 24/ 28°C


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