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World Meteorological Day celebrates the ocean
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Tunisia celebrates, with other members of the World Meteorological Organization, the World Meteorological Day on March 23 every year. For 2021, the organization has chosen to celeb… View
Monthly Climate Report_January 2021 in Tunisia
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Monthly Climate Report_January 2021 in Tunisia3rd warmest January and 6th driest since 1970

     January 2021 was marked by a noticeable decrease in the amounts of rain in most re… View
Activity report 2019
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In the framework of performing its basic tasks of monitoring climate phenomena, preparing weather forecasts, monitoring seismic activity and astronomical phenomena, the National In… View
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On December 17, 2020 a press conference organized at the The National Institute of Meteorology  headquarters  to announce the launch of the project - Net de l'Environnement Transfr… View