weather for your activities

The NIM products and services cover mainly two types of clients/ users: aeronautics, and other users (professional and public customers).

As far as aeronautics is concerned, the demand for products and services is standardized and subject to international standards. It consists in providing, on a continuous basis, meteorological services at airports and supplying aircraft operators with the necessary documentation as well as all the meteorological information required for aviation (flight records with maps and aeronautical weather messages: SWC: Significant Weather Chart, wind and temperature at altitude maps, METAR, SPECI, TAF messages at departure and arrival airports and SIGMET messages, concerning observation or forecast of the occurrence of weather phenomena affecting safety of aircraft operations).

For other users, the demand for meteorological products is varied and heavily depends on the sector activity.

Here is all the information on the meteorological products and services addressed to the following categories of users: