Preview - World Meteorological Day 2024 Poster - EN
The National Institute of Meteorology, like other meteorological centers in member countries of the World Meteorological Organization, celebrate World Meteorological Day on the twenty-third of March of each year. This… View
Climatological September  2023 in Tunisia
After the hot and dry month of August, most regions of the country witnessed a relative rise in temperature during the month of September 2023.  The general average temperature (27 main stations) reached 27.1 °C and… View
rain August 2023
After the hottest July ever recorded on earth, the month of August was normal. Unlike previous years, the national mean temperature in August reached 29°C, in line with the reference average. August 2021 was the hottest… View
Cumulative monthly rainfall (mm)_ July 2023
In Tunisia, the month of July 2023 was the hottest ever recorded since 1950. The average temperature (27 main stations) recorded was higher than the reference average (1991-2020) with a significant difference of +4°C… View
Cumulative monthly rainfall (mm)
The month of June 2023 was characterized by a slight increase in temperature compared to normal with a difference of +0.3°C, unlike the month of June 2022 which was the hottest ever recorded with a positive anomaly of… View