pluie juillet 2022 en
During July 2022, many regions of Tunisia witnessed a noticeable rise in temperatures and we did not record new records for maximum temperatures, while we set new records at the level of the highest minimum temperatures… View
Cumulative rainfall (mm)_May 2022
       May 2022 was marked by an increase in temperature in most regions of Tunisia.  The general average (27 main stations) averaged 23 degrees and was above the reference average (21.5 °C), with a difference of +1.5 °… View
pollution at
The temporal and spatial evolution of air pollutants in Tunisia for May 2022: The monthly means of environmental pollutants at ground level, collected daily from the Sentinel-5P satellite from 00h and 12h UT, showed an… View
Cumulative rainfall April 2022 at the main stations
      April 2022 was mostly stable due to the presence of high pressure on our country. However, some weather fluctuations of limited effectiveness covered our areas on some days and contributed to the descent of… View
 pluie mars 2022
March 2022 was marked by a shift between stability in weather factors on some days and the passage of weather fluctuations of varying effectiveness on other days. The precipitation varied geographically, and the monthly… View