World Meteorological Day

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The National Institute of Meteorology, like other meteorological centers in member countries of the World Meteorological Organization, celebrate World Meteorological Day on the twenty-third of March of each year. This year, the organization chose to celebrate this day under the slogan “At the frontline of climate action,” which symbolizes the tools and knowledge that we use to contribute to adapting to climate change and mitigating its negative effects in order to ensure a better life, safety and food security. The celebration of World Meteorological Day 2024, coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the National Meteorological Institute (1974 - 2024).


Cumulative monthly rainfall (mm)
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The month of June 2023 was characterized by a slight increase in temperature compared to normal with a difference of +0.3°C, unlike the month of June 2022 which was the hottest eve… View
rain may 223
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Exceptionally rainy month of May


   After a historic drought, most of our regions experienced notable climatic changes during the month of May 2023. Indeed, the weather condit… View
RAIN of April 2023 in Tunisia
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Tunisia, which was already under water stress, suffered this month of April from a rainfall deficit. The month of April 2023 was marked by two situations of weather instability (be… View
Climatological Report for the month of March 2023 in Tunisia
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2nd driest March since 1970 in Tunisia

    The month of March 2023 was marked by stable weather conditions. The general average temperature (27 main stations) was 16.3°C and it wa… View