Climatological Report for the month of March 2023 in Tunisia
2nd driest March since 1970 in Tunisia     The month of March 2023 was marked by stable weather conditions. The general average temperature (27 main stations) was 16.3°C and it was higher than the reference average (… View
Total precipitation (millimeter)_winter 2022-2023
The beginning of this winter (2022-2023 ) in Tunisia was characterized by temperatures well above normal for the season from December 1 to February 18. They then declined while reaching below normal values for twenty… View
Total rainfall amounts _ February 2023 (mm)
      The month of February 2023 was marked by the alternation between the stability of weather conditions on few days and the successive passages of disturbances in our regions, especially during the first half of the… View
ramadan crescent visibility 1444 hijri
Lunar crescent visibility of  Ramadan 1444 Hijri   The Conjonction : The geocentric conjunction between the Moon and the sun will be at the end of the lunar month on Tuesday  March 21 at 18:23 local time. Moon’s… View
Total rainfall amounts _ January 2023 (mm)
       During the month of January 2023, most parts of the Tunisia experienced a rise in temperature until the 17th of the month and this is an extension of the weather conditions that prevailed at the end of 2022. From… View