Warning Near Gale



51 In effect
Reference time 12:00H UTC of 22/02/2024
Validity Hour 24
Beginning of validity 22/02/2024 to 21:00H UTC
End of validity 23/02/2024 to 21:00H UTC
Threatened Areas Gulf of Tunis and East Tunisia Then Serrat Area and Gulf of Gabes
Weather elements - North Tunisia: South wind veering west, force 7 to 8 Beaufort (28 to 40 knots) - East Tunisia: South wind veering North, force 7 to 8 Beaufort (28 to 40 knots) - Gulf of Gabès: Southerly wind, force 7 Beaufort (28 to 33 knots)
Generative phenomenon and evolution Low 1000 hPa over the Gulf of Genoa, deepening and expected 995 hPa.


rain may 223
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Exceptionally rainy month of May


   After a historic drought, most of our regions experienced notable climatic changes during the month of May 2023. Indeed, the weather condit… View
RAIN of April 2023 in Tunisia
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Tunisia, which was already under water stress, suffered this month of April from a rainfall deficit. The month of April 2023 was marked by two situations of weather instability (be… View
Climatological Report for the month of March 2023 in Tunisia
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2nd driest March since 1970 in Tunisia

    The month of March 2023 was marked by stable weather conditions. The general average temperature (27 main stations) was 16.3°C and it wa… View
Total precipitation (millimeter)_winter 2022-2023
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