Seismotectonic map

Framework of the elaboration of the map

The seismotectonic map of Tunisia is one of the objectives of the National Program of Seismic Risk Reduction. It is the outcome of the confrontation of several components, often thematic, in connection with the seismicity and the other sectors of the sciences of the Earth.

Purpose of the Seismotectonic map

The seismotectonic map is a thematic map which integrates several data (seismological and tectonic). The compilation of these data allows delimiting the seismic zones and the same-intensity areas which have proven to be of capital significance in locating the seismicity, on one hand, and in providing information which is useful to derive the hazard then the seismic risk, on the other hand.

Elaboration of the map

The preparation of the seismotectonic map has been the subject of scientific cooperation between the National Meteorological Institute and the SKOPJE Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (Republic of Macedonia).