• 1873: First meteorological observation;
  • 1885: Creation of the first meteorological unit in Tunis - Manoubia, ensuring rain measurement and climate observation;
  • 1923: Establishment of a synoptic observations network by FMO (French Meteorological Office) with the major station located in El Aouina aerodrome
  •  1926: First seismic observation made by the meteorological unit;
  • 1945: FMO (French Meteorological office) creates a climatologic station;
  • 1955: The Tunis-Manoubia unit becomes an office for the inventory of water resources and rainfall data. The meteorological and climatologic activities are assigned to El Aouina unit;
  • 1958: El Aouina unit becomes the National Service of Meteorology and is attached to the Directorate of Aviation and Maritime Services, under the authority of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing;
  • 1973 : The Meteorological Service becomes a Department of Meteorology;
  • 1974 : The Department of Meteorology becomes the National Institute of Meteorology (NIM).