The missions of the National Institute of Meteorology are set as follows:

  • Meeting the general meteorological, geophysical and climatological needs of the various sectors of the country's economy, which includes providing meteorological services to air navigation, maritime navigation, agriculture and tourism,
  • Designing programs and policies which aim at developing the meteorological, geophysical and climatological sectors, taking advantage of technological and scientific advances,
  • Contributing to the implementation of factors of sustainable development through the participation in programs with respect to the fields of environmental protection, nature conservation and quality of life promotion,
  • Contributing to the protection of persons and property against the risks caused by natural and industrial disasters and the alleviation of their negative effects in coordination with the various involved stakeholders,
  • Technical coordination of all the activities related to the meteorological and geophysical aspects, in the area of its expertise,
  • Management and maintenance of the meteorological and geophysical database.
    (Law No. 2009-10 dated February 16, 2009 – Official Gazette of the Tunisian Republic of February 20, 2009).